At every moment, we strive to demonstrate our ability to listen, anticipate, innovate and offer products that are best suited to your needs and expectations.

Principle immediate response

On the basis of the information entered during your request, we make a quick estimate of our ability to accompany you or not in your project and if we can proceed to the next step. 


Hundreds of people helped

We put the customer at the heart of our quality approach. Because a powerful customer service is essential, our advisers are at your disposal and are at your disposal to give you all the information on our range of products, to accompany you or to answer all your questions and comments.


Our Story

BFIC is a finance company specializing in consumer credit. A resolutely human organization that accompanies you on a daily basis and allows you to carry out all your projects serenely. From your computer, tablet or mobile, find the different financing offers offered by BFIC. Suitable for all types of projects (car, motorcycle, work, travel, furniture, wedding, moving …). Our offers adapt to all situations.

To satisfy you at best, BFIC guarantees you attractive and tailor-made credit offers. Because we believe that the trust of our customers is essential to establish a lasting relationship, at BFIC we are committed to making every effort to satisfy you on a daily basis. You provide clear and precise information, measure the quality of our services and listen to what you have to tell us are the commitments of our quality approach. BFIC puts at your service all its know-how in the sale of remote credit solutions. Personal loan, revolving credit, repurchase of credit, but also insurance products and mobile telephony services are now proposed to best meet your needs.

More than 110 advisors put their professionalism and enthusiasm at your service. Experience a privileged customer relationship by giving them your project. We finance your projects quickly and efficiently. For all your personal loan, mortgage, debt, leisure, happy events (weddings, baptisms, …), we are at your side to bring you the financing you need. We support the financing of your projects such as: the construction of your houses, offices, farms, we finance your travel projects, your company, or a project for which, you need external financing. We grant loans for individuals: personal loan for consumption, real estate loan, credit redemption, debt buyback to collect all your debts in one credit, student loan, loan to finance the purchase of your car. We invest in your big projects. This is reserved for companies seeking investors to finance their research projects, real estate projects, takeovers and other business needs.

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