Personal loan

Do you want to realize great projects or face unforeseen expenses? At BFIC, the credit specialist par excellence, you are at the right address. You can not move to the bank? No problem, you can apply for an installment loan online or by mail. This allows you to compare our rates and conditions at your own convenience. Of course, you can always go to one of our branches.

Auto loan

Your car is showing signs of fatigue, your family is getting bigger, your neighbor is selling his car … So you want to change your vehicle to replace it with a new car or a used car. Because buying a car is an important expense, choose a credit adapted to your project and a trusted partner to accompany you in this financing. Discover the benefits of auto loan.


BFIC presents its expertise in the implementation of this credit adapted to the owners of real estate. The mortgage is a bank loan secured by real estate . This financing solution is reserved for the owners of real estate assets and contractually guaranteed by a mortgage on a property held by the borrower or a third person.

Credit redemption

The purchase of credit is a possible solution to control the management of your budget. This operation consists in substituting a single loan for several credit agreements or pre-existing debts, with different or identical rates and durations. With the repurchase of credit, the borrower pays only one monthly payment. Its amount is often less than the total amount previously collected

Project financing

You have a project? Whether in the agricultural, industrial, health, social or any other field, BFIC supports you in your project by providing you with the appropriate financing and by providing you with qualified advisors who will be delighted to bring a touch of professional expertise to your project to bring it to life.

Investment and Investments

Do you hold capital? Do you want to make them profitable? Term deposits in banks do not pay you enough? Do not worry anymore. With IBF , seize the best opportunities in the capital market to value your assets and grow. We find the right investment for you with the least amount of risk.

Calculate your mortgage

Do you want to finance a real estate project? 
Determine your repayment ability and calculate the amount of your home loan.